Pure Lofts have been constructing dormer roof extensions since the 1980s. Hundreds of families already enjoy the extra space we have added to their homes by transforming their attics.

There are numerous reasons why homeowners opt for a dormer loft conversion. A dormer is the fast, value for money home improvement. A dormer expansion gives you; the most space for the least outlay in the shortest possible time.

Top reasons for choosing a dormer attic extension

  • Planning permission not required
  • Value for money home improvement
  • Regular straight walls
  • Constructed quickly
  • 10-year warranty
  • Practical living room
  • Maximum space gain from a small loft

A dormer can be constructed on most property types including; Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes. A dormer is the best type of roof expansion for those on a limited budget. A dormer is substantially cheaper than any other type of attic extension.

Why a dormer attic extension is perfect for your home

Many families find that kids are fleeing the nest later. No sooner have the kids gone, then elderly parents may need to move in. Whilst it’s lovely to have all your family so close extra space is welcome when multi-generations are living together under the same roof.

Dormers of different shapes and sizes are available. This means that your conversion can be tailored to fit your property whilst fully meeting your family’s needs.

What’s a dormer attic extension?

Glance across the skyline and you will spot numerous roof extensions of this type. Look out for roofs adorned with a cute, boxy extension. These are dormer attic expansions.

From ground level a dormer deceives you by looking small. Step inside and you will be amazed by the vast expanse of space, ample headroom, vertical walls
and a flat ceiling. Inside our dormers you won’t feel like you’re in an attic. Our extensions look more like a regular room than a loft.

Way back in the 1980s these conversions were practical though not visually appealing.We use our expertise to construct aesthetically pleasing conversions.

Our dormer extensions blend into your home and enhance the quintessential character of the suburbs.

What householders do with their dormer:

  • Large ensuite bedroom
  • Kid’s playroom
  • Games room for the grown ups
  • Nursery
  • Bedsit
  • Granny flat
  • Home entertainment centre

A dormer attic extension is more than a space gaining home improvement. It’s the number one way to increase the value of your property. Whilst your family are wallowing in extra space; the price tag of your home goes up by a whopping 20%.

A dormer often becomes the largest space in your house. Your extension could become a Chiswick pied a Terre; raking in over £300 a week in rent.

Why we recommend a dormer:

  • The most floor space and greatest amount of headroom gained
  • Limited budget
  • Least amount of building work
  • Planning permission not required
  • Completed in 4-6 weeks
  • Bright and airy room

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