The mansard is a specialized attic extension. It gives Chiswick homes a completely new, spacious and functional top floor.

This attic extension is the Rolex of roof refurbishments. Named after French architect Louis Mansart; the mansard graces elegant Parisian homes and enhances Chiswick’s prestigious properties.

Top reasons for choosing a mansard attic extension

  • A whole extra floor of versatile living accommodation
  • Gain maximum amount of practical space
  • Blends seamlessly as if it was always part of the property
  • Feels like a normal room, not a loft
  • Enhances a property’s exterior
  • Furnishing not limited by awkward nooks and crannies

Why a mansard roof expansion is perfect for your home

Chiswick boasts some of West London’s finest properties; Gorgeous Georgian detached houses, Edwardian semis and Victorian homes. It is the roof refurbishment that enhances Chiswick’s tree-lined streets and adds to the quintessential character of the city. This extension is the perfect choice for prestigious homes.

What’s a mansard roof refurbishment?

A mansard replaces one (in some cases two) side of your roof with a completely new structure. The characteristics are straight walls and a flat ceiling. It gives you the most space possible. Your home gains an entire top floor.

To comply with building regulations, a mansard’s walls gently slope in at 72.The slope is barely noticeable but means the walls are classed as a roof by local authorities.

This is not a budget attic extension. It is the crème de la crème of roof refurbishments. A stylish construction that creates the most versatile space possible. Planning permission is needed for a mansard extension.

We obtain planning permission for your loft conversion

What Chiswick homeowners do with their mansard extensions

With a mansard, you gain a whole extra floor of space. This means you are limited only by your imagination. Chiswick homeowners often utilize their mansard extension as:

  • A self-contained flat
  • Couple of bedsits
  • Additional bedrooms plus a new bathroom
  • Spa and fitness suite
  • Home cinema and family games room

Why we recommend a mansard

A mansard is the top of the range attic extension. It adds so much more than a room. The extra space gained can be life-changing.

We are committed to preserving Chiswick’s character and improving the environment. A mansard enables us to increase the space in your home with a roof extension that is aesthetically pleasing.

Why Choose us?

  • Local roof extension specialists
  • 30 years experience
  • 10-year warranty
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Complete service
  • Best value for money
  • Top quality materials

A roof refurbishment is an investment in your future. Chiswick homes boasting a mansard extension sell at the optimum price. The value of your property increases by about 20% when you add one.

Chiswick Lofts offer a free inspection and quote. Our gallery of mansard roof refurbishments speaks for itself.

Chiswick Lofts give a 10-year guarantee on all loft conversions

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